Create memorable experiences

Dare to listen to feebback from clients, employees and other stakeholders and grow as a customer-oriented organisation. We will help you identify these 'experiences' by making them measurable and by showing valuable insights.

Happynizr  =  CX  +  EX  +  BX

Measure all client and employee experiences in a simple and accessible way.
Reach your target grop by using our multichannel approach in order to achieve a maximum result.

Customer Experience (CX)
Understand what your clients really experience. Become a better organisation by monitoring all client experiences, from A to Z (from orientation to service).

Employee Experience (EX)
Become incredibly attractive for talent. Work toegether with employees to achieve a pleasant organisational culture, low absenteeism an very little emplyee turnaround.

Business Experience (BX)
Optimise and structure digital interactions in your organisation and facilitate experiences gained form external parties. Become a more flexible and innovative organisation.

We are proud of our 'happy, nice' customers:

Customer Experience (CX)

Using Happynizr will allow you to have more control of the Customer Journey and make 'moments of truth' memorable by using the client feedback in a smart way. Continuously working on achiving positieve customer experiences, will result in (very) satisfied customers and loyal ambassadors. Start today by identifying the following:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Service experience
  • User experience
  • Brand experience

By working with customer feedback, your organisation will grow, as you will be focusing on more than just the 'numbers'. You will be bringing your customers' motivations into focus. These insights into different factors will allow you to immediately see what your customer experiences, positively or even negatively. You can thereforebe more action-orientated.

Employee Experience (EX)

Oranisations that listen to their employees perform better. Teir employees are satisfied, committed and dedicated. Ther is also less absenteeism and less employee turnover. Being known as a company that is a 'Great Place to work' will also attract new talent. Facilitate the Employee Journey and start today with identifying the following: 

  • Emplyee(satisfaction)research
  • Themed-research
  • Pulse measurements
  • Recruitment & Onboarding feedback
  • 360 degrees feedback
  • Exit questionnairre 

Using Happynizr will make your organisation more succesful and will give your employees a clear voice by organising their feedback. You own employees have the best knowledge of what can be smarter and improved in their own company. 

Business Experience (BX)

By  using Happynizr, you will learn from your close environment how to listen to stakeholders, departments and teams of, for instance; a work council. They have daily interactions with each aother and have both positive and negative experiences working with important company processes. Therofore, stimulate  in your own organisation, the quest for higher quality and less failure costs. Happynizr offers the employees the opportunity for a Business Journey and allows their  imporvements in work proccesses to be developed and organised. Aim for better internal and external work relationsships. Therefore, start today by identifying:

  • Supplier rating
  • Environment management
  • Stakeholder satisfaction
  • Checks & Audits (quality evaluations)
  • Digitalisation of 'paperwork'
  • Converting PDF forms

By using Happynizr you will learn from experience gaine in 'the Business'. be action-driven with these new insights and become morge succesful as an organisation.

Happynizr measures experiences

Customers, employees and stakeholders provide organisations with the best tips and suggestions for improvement with which they can start to work with. happynizr will help you to identify thes expericense by quickly creating simple digital forms, questionnaires and other ways of gathering feedback. These valuable insights will be displayed on our dashboards, so that you can immediatelu set about making changes and improvements.

Online support

You will be helped step-by-step by simple (video-) instructions on how Happynizr works.

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