Gather and improve experiences for your 
  • Customers.

The all-in-one platform for Forms, Surveys & Feedback. Start work immediately with Insights which will encourage action!

Smart solutions for your organisation

Listen to feedback from clients, employees en other stakeholder parties  and grow into a customer-oriented organisation. We help you identify these 'experiences' by making them measurable and by showing valuable insigths.

Highlight your customers' experiences (CX).

Make your organisation more flexible, innovative and customer-oriented by using our tools for Marketing, Sales & Customer Services.

Popular utilisation scenarios: 
• Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
• Service experiences (CES)
• Net Promotor Score (NPS) 

Give employees a voice and ask for their feedback (EX).

Organisations that listen to their employees perform better, so use our toola for Human Resources Management.

Popular utalisation scenarios:
• Employee Engagement Research
• On/offboarding feedback
• Employee 360 degree feedback

Digitalise forms and optimize  company's processes (BX).

Improve the quality of the company's processes and increase the results of the organisation with our Quality Management tools:

Popular utalisation scenarios:
• Checks & Audits
• Workflow forms
• Quality inspections

Start working with 'Actionable Insights'

All results will be safely saved and results are real-time visible on your own dashboard. Gather information and start working om improvements to make your organisations even better.

Smart organisations choose more than only smart solutions 

Customers want more than just gathering feedback or digitalisation of forms. They want to understand business processes and experiences from different user groups using the most flexible platform on the market.

What customers say about us:

Get to know Happynizr!

How nice that you have requested a demo. During the 30 minutes demo, you will be introduced to the Happynzir platform and our dashboard and we will cover the many application options available for your organisation. Simply put, after the demo you will have an idea of:

  • How simple Happynizr works.
  • How you can use our platform on many different levels.
  • What the added benefits are for your organisation.
  • Inspiring examples including similar questions by comparable organisations.
  • An indication of the costs.

Request a free demo.

We are Happynizr

Our services are focused on making our customers 'happy’. We provide organisations with meaningful insights which will motivate them to action, creativitity and improvements.

Our commitment

We believe that digital experiences have the power to connect people, to inspire and motivate them to change by allowing them to grow.

How do we do this

We provide advanced software to produce forms, surveys and gather feedback. That way you will always be connected to your target group via several digital channels.

What we offer

We offer our users valuable insights which will stimulate (personal) growth, loyalty and (business) success. Visible results which will make our clients 'happy’.

We support a learning culture

We support our customers by stimulating an action-orientated organisational culture. In this process, we will provide:

  • The development of Forms, Surveys & Feedback.
  • The gathering of ‘Actionable Insights’ via several Digitial Channels.
  • The monitoring of the mailing process and the safe gathering of your data.
  • Making accurate analysis and displaying valuable information on Dashboards.
  • Sharing Dashboards with relevant people.
  • Coordination and monitoring the improvements.

Happynizr measures experiences

Customers, employees and stakeholders provide organisations with the best tips and suggestions for improvement with which they can start to work with. happynizr will help you to identify thes expericense by quickly creating simple digital forms, questionnaires and other ways of gathering feedback. These valuable insights will be displayed on our dashboards, so that you can immediatelu set about making changes and improvements.

Online support

You will be helped step-by-step by simple (video-) instructions on how Happynizr works.

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